Szkola Podstawowa nr 23 im. gen. J. Bema




Our school is in the centre of Poznań in Poland. It is  in an old district called „Jeżyce” („jeż” means hedgehog).  Nowadays we are teaching nearly 400 pupils. We are running "0" classes and our graduates attend almost all Junior High Schools in Poznan. Children in Poland strat school at the age of six. We start our education in a primary school and after six years we go to junior high school. We learn maths, Polish, English,history, science, music, art, RE,  PE, D&T.




We are doing all the best to make our school friendly but what is very important also safe. We are being protected by the Police District Commandant because of taking part in a programme entitled "Safe School" Police officers are often our guests. Our school does not only teach. Pupils can take part in many activities in the afternoon. They get known interesting people and places.


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