Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses



Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses (Marco de Canaveses School Grouping) is located in the north of Portugal, in a semi-rural neighbourhood of about 50.000 inhabitants.




The School Grouping consists of 10 kindergartens, 14 primary schools and a head school with primary and lower secondary school for children aged 9-14. Overall the School Grouping has got 2.385 students, 205 teachers and non-teaching staff.

From 2012 the school became a TEIP III public school aiming at improving students' knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as implementing strategies to overcome school failure and early school leaving.



The Direction Board has a headmaster, a second headmaster and 3 teachers’ assistants. Teachers are organized in Departments: Languages, Maths and Sciences, Social Sciences and Expressions.

There’s also a TEIP team with a Psychologist and a Social Worker that work individually with students struggling with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges. It is  also the role of the school social worker and psychologist to work with a student's family to recognize issues that may negatively impact social and academic success. Parents participate in the school’s life through their representatives in the General Council and Class’s Assembly.

Pupils spend 31 hours p/week in school and classes take place in the morning and in the afternoon from 8:30 am till 6:35pm (this varies according to the class schedule) and most classes last for 90’. The main subjects are Portuguese, Maths, History, Geography, Sciences, Physics and Chemistry, ICT, Arts, Crafts, Music, Physical Education and Religion. Regarding foreign languages our School Grouping offers English, French and Spanish. We also promote an inclusive education as we have a Special Needs Department for pupils with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Pupils can also enroll on several projects such as the Eco-Schools, Maths Club, European Club, Sports Club, eTwinning, Music/Choir Club. During the school year pupils participate in several activities that are part of the School Grouping Annual Activities Plan – Autumn Fair, St. Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day’s Race, Europe Day, School Day, Youth European Parliament, several Maths and Portuguese competitions, etc.



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