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Hardworking students and teachers from Gimnazială Scoala nr. 79 in Bucharest, conducted a series of creative and interesting activities. What and how they learned about the importance of money and responsible behavior toward goods you can see in the attachments.



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CROATIA:Developing an entrepreneurial spirit starts in school

Eighth grade students of the I. Primary School Čakovec are this year involved in a project called YEC ("Young Entrepreneurs in Croatia'). YEC is a project of the international student organization AIESEC Varaždin and it’s been successfully carried out for several years. The aim of the project is identifying and developing the potential of young people in the field of social entrepreneurship and proactive thinking, and is implemented in the form of workshops. The workshops are organized from January 11 to February 29, 2016, and are ran by young volunteers, students of area related studies. They are carried out in English by coaches from Brazil, China and Egypt. The workshops focus on communication in a relaxed atmosphere and allow students an intercultural experience and active use of foreign languages. The emphasis is placed on learning five major competences: proactive learning, entrepreneurial attitude, emotional intelligence, social responsibility and global thinking. In the end, the students will, with the help of their mentors, create their own business idea which they will present before the international jury at the official closing of the project.

Primary school pupils form the younger of the two educational groups that participate in the project (rYEC - 12 to 14 years, primary school), and the project is also implemented in secondary schools (YEC - 15 to 18 years, secondary school). Currently, the project includes fifteen eighth grade pupils from the I. Primary School, who attend workshops twice a week for two lessons. The first meetings with the workshop leaders have already been carried out , and the students have shown great interest in learning new skills related to entrepreneurship, as well as exploring other cultures and languages.

A series of activities with educational and creative content is carried out with the aim of encouraging an entrepreneurial culture, developing creative abilities and skills of pupils in primary and secondary schools.

CROATIA: Festival and competition of Civic Education‏

On April 1st in Cakovac was held a regional festival and competition of Civic Education. I. Primary School Čakovec was presented by students Jana, Tija, Pija and Mihaela, members of the Erasmus team.
The students presented the Erasmus+ Keep Invest Donate Spend project: project activities, the role and importance of the project for the students, teachers, parents and the local community. The audience and the jury were enthusiastic about the project, and the students have qualified for the national competition which will be held in May in Zagreb.

CROATIA: Global Money Week 2016.

I. Primary School Cakovec celebrated Global Money Week 2016. During the week students are discussed, meditated and studied on their own behavior and looking for ways in which they can save goods at their disposal (money, power, things). His reflections are shown in the form of comics. The students developed their own financial and digital literacy.

CROATIA: Visit to market

Students from 2. d class and teacher Tanja Žganec were at the town market and in a nearby shop.They had a task to view the prices and quality of fruits and vegetables.


In the classroom we had a discussion about price and quality. We concluded that the offer is better in the market. Prices in the market are different and depend on the quality of a fruit or vegetable.

In the shop quality of fruits and vegetables is weaker. Therefore, and cost less. Students are even noticed that on the market they can negotiate with vendors about price and that most of the products are from their own farm.

CROATIA: Visit to bank

2nd grade pupils and teachers Marija Toplek and Draženka Blažeka visited the bank office in Čakovec. 

The students met and learned what role bank has in our daily lives, which services employes in bank office provide to customers. We learned why it is important to save money and know how we, kids can save money in bank. We learned about history of our biggest and oldest bank in our region: Privredna banka Zagreb. This was an opportunity for some of us decide what they want to become in the future: officers at the bank.


Poland: Entrepreneurship lessons

During history, maths and Polish lessons pupils in our school learned more about entrepreneurship. They read episode of „Pinocchio” written by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, they also solved maths problem and learnt why bank is so important these days. It’s a short presentation about bank and its importance.




Students, parents and teachers  from Szkoła Podstawowa nr 23 im. gen. Józefa Bema in Poznań, Poland prepared for their Entrepreneuship Fair Christmas Decorations. There were christmas trees, candles, angles, gingerbreads, balls , chains and  wreaths. They prepared it to sell and to save money for their friends in our school, who don’t have enough money for school trips and wouldn’t go anywhere with their class if there wasn’t a fair. Many children took part in this activity.





CROATIA: A quince tree planted in the schoolyard

On 13 November, 2015 the students of the I. Primary School Čakovec planted a quince tree in the schoolyard, between the old and the new school building.

The quince tree was planted as a part of the project activities of the Erasmus + project Keep Invest Donate Spend. The tree will be a reminder to students, school employees and its visitors of the importance of protecting forests and plants and encourage recycling and reduced paper consumption.

Maths teacher Aleksandar Jerosimić sprinkled fertilizer in a hole and placed excavated chunks of soil with grass on it, so that the root of the tree would not get burned. After that he put the plant into the ground with the graft facing south. Quince was selected because it is one of the ancient species in our area.

Principal Siniša Stričak and pedagogist  Dubravka Kečkeš acquainted the students with numerous possibilities of using the fruit of quince in cooking: it is used to give flavour to sour cabbage, and can be used to make jam, compote and cheese.

After planting the tree, best men were chosen to take care of it: teacher Boris Jeđud, who will monitor the growth of the tree, student Robert, who will take care of it, and student Franka, who will make delicious quince jam and compote.

We thank Garden Centre Iva from Štefanec for donating the beautiful quince tree.

Croatia: Internetional Money Week

We celebrated „International money week“ in our Croatian school. It is important day for our class, not just because we are involved in „KIDS“ project, it is also big oportunity for teachers to take care about imprtant issue like spending and keeping money. So, we wanted to celebrate in anther and creative way: we had a grocery market, pharmacy, bank and  toys store. Also, we had ambulance and PR strategist in our classroom for a day. In this way pupils understood the meaning of money and how hard we get it, because we need to go to work every day to earn it. Everything around us costs and for that we need money…. Teaching about importance of money in everyday life is big, so frim time to time in math classes we are playing roles, like we are in bank or store. That help us to understadn the real meaning of life costs.


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