ROMANIA: Small bankers Olympics

Small bankers Olympics have come to the end; student Bogdan Bertianu from Bucharest School no 79 won the Grand prize of the Little Olympics Bankers.  Students who attend the primary school around the country have participated. The last attempt was held Thursday at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of History.
The prize was awarded by the National Bank of Romania.
BNR chief economist Valentin Lazea, sent a message to the participants from the BNR governor, Mugur Isarescu and encouraged them to become bankers, but not only.
"It is important that you learn the real value of money, work, and learn to cherish the important things in life"
Lazea told to the small bankers.

The winner of the grand prize obtained 30 points, the maximum of points, announced Lazea. 
The project was coordinated by Ligia Georgescu - Golosoiu, senior expert at the National Bank of Romania and the author of the financial education curriculum - primary and curricular auxiliaries.

"The Small Olympics Bankers" was organized by the Association for Promoting the Education Performance, the magazine “Cutezatorii” and the University of Bucharest, being supported by the National Bank of Romania, through which more than 2,000 pupils from primary schools from 15 counties and also from Bucharest tested their knowledge regarding the financial education and also their creativity.

The contest started in early March 2015 when students from more than 50 cities held a written test regarding their knowledge of financial education. The top three students with the highest score in this attempt of each of the 77 participating schools have passed the next stage of development of projects such as posters, photographs, drawings, models, etc., regarding the financial education, where students have been tested also their creativity.


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