CROATIA: A quince tree planted in the schoolyard

On 13 November, 2015 the students of the I. Primary School Čakovec planted a quince tree in the schoolyard, between the old and the new school building.

The quince tree was planted as a part of the project activities of the Erasmus + project Keep Invest Donate Spend. The tree will be a reminder to students, school employees and its visitors of the importance of protecting forests and plants and encourage recycling and reduced paper consumption.

Maths teacher Aleksandar Jerosimić sprinkled fertilizer in a hole and placed excavated chunks of soil with grass on it, so that the root of the tree would not get burned. After that he put the plant into the ground with the graft facing south. Quince was selected because it is one of the ancient species in our area.

Principal Siniša Stričak and pedagogist  Dubravka Kečkeš acquainted the students with numerous possibilities of using the fruit of quince in cooking: it is used to give flavour to sour cabbage, and can be used to make jam, compote and cheese.

After planting the tree, best men were chosen to take care of it: teacher Boris Jeđud, who will monitor the growth of the tree, student Robert, who will take care of it, and student Franka, who will make delicious quince jam and compote.

We thank Garden Centre Iva from Štefanec for donating the beautiful quince tree.

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