CROATIA:Developing an entrepreneurial spirit starts in school

Eighth grade students of the I. Primary School Čakovec are this year involved in a project called YEC ("Young Entrepreneurs in Croatia'). YEC is a project of the international student organization AIESEC Varaždin and it’s been successfully carried out for several years. The aim of the project is identifying and developing the potential of young people in the field of social entrepreneurship and proactive thinking, and is implemented in the form of workshops. The workshops are organized from January 11 to February 29, 2016, and are ran by young volunteers, students of area related studies. They are carried out in English by coaches from Brazil, China and Egypt. The workshops focus on communication in a relaxed atmosphere and allow students an intercultural experience and active use of foreign languages. The emphasis is placed on learning five major competences: proactive learning, entrepreneurial attitude, emotional intelligence, social responsibility and global thinking. In the end, the students will, with the help of their mentors, create their own business idea which they will present before the international jury at the official closing of the project.

Primary school pupils form the younger of the two educational groups that participate in the project (rYEC - 12 to 14 years, primary school), and the project is also implemented in secondary schools (YEC - 15 to 18 years, secondary school). Currently, the project includes fifteen eighth grade pupils from the I. Primary School, who attend workshops twice a week for two lessons. The first meetings with the workshop leaders have already been carried out , and the students have shown great interest in learning new skills related to entrepreneurship, as well as exploring other cultures and languages.

A series of activities with educational and creative content is carried out with the aim of encouraging an entrepreneurial culture, developing creative abilities and skills of pupils in primary and secondary schools.

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