CROATIA: Piglets

Students of the 2nd and the 4th grade of the First Primary School Čakovec, the branch school Krištanovec, have decided to take part in the competition for the mascot of the project in which this school is involved. Specifically, it is a project on saving entitled "Keep, invest, donate, spend", abbreviated to "KIDS".

This praiseworthy project of the European Union programme Erasmus + wishes to draw the attention of children, but also everyone around them, including their families, to the importance of saving for the benefit of the whole community. It is important to point out that we can save water, money, energy and food, while at the same time not giving up any to a large extent. This is particularly important today and assumes major proportions when the number of poor people is growing.

As every project must have a mascot, and again, it's about saving, students of this small school decided to make piglets that, in addition to bringing good luck, also symbolize saving. They worked with recycled material and using the paper mache technique created piglets as a symbol of Croatian saving and our country because they are wearing a very distinctive character: red and white squares that are associated with the coat of arms of our country.


PORTUGAL: Paper Money Museum Activity

4th grade pupils from EB1/JI de Rua Direita-Sobretâmega, Marco de Canaveses, had their faces printed in Escudos paper money (Portuguese currency before Euro) during the visit to Paper Money Museum, in Oporto. — at Fundação Cupertino de Miranda.



PORTUGAL: Project corner

On a regular basis pupils will share their project work with schoolmates and European partners. Here, pupils presented their findings regarding the partners' countries, capital cities, official languages, currencies, famous people, famous monuments, typical food, curiosities... 


Voting for the best logo, mascot and poster

Dear friends, 

voting for the best logo, mascot and poster is completed. Thank you for all the 1336 votes and now we proudly present the winners:



CONGRATULATIONS to all the students for their efforts and participation in this contest!


PORTUGAL: Visit to Paper Money Museum in Oporto, Portugal - January 2015

4th and 5th grade pupils from Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses went on a school trip to the Paper Money Museum in Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Oporto, Portugal, on 19th and 20th January, to pursue with the research on the history of money, the different currencies and some introduction to financial literacy, as part of the ERASMUS+ KIDS Project. They also got acquainted with the history of money in Portugal and learned about some of the most emblematic characters in the world of paper money and their importance in national history.


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